Aerospace Cybersecurity: Airplanes

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Learn more about aerospace cybersecurity, with this interactive step-by-step airplane security manual. This guide walks you through airplane telemetry and subsystem basics to radar interpretation and in-flight entertainment system firmware analysis via programs and immersive labs.

Topics Covered 🚀:

  1. Aircraft Attack Surfaces and Threat Modeling ✈: Uncover vulnerabilities in aviation systems and build threat models to proactively identify potential risks.
  2. Internet of Wings (IoW) 📟: Navigate the connectivity landscape of aviation and learn to secure the Internet of Things (IoT) soaring through the skies.
  3. Threat Modeling and Mitigation 🛡: Delve into aviation-specific threat modeling techniques and mitigation strategies to fortify aerospace systems.
  4. Secure Communication with Ground Control 📡: Master the art of ensuring secure and reliable communication between aircraft and ground control.
  5. Securing Passenger Wi-Fi and Inflight Entertainment Systems 💺: Explore the challenges of securing passenger amenities while ensuring a safe and enjoyable flying experience.
  6. ADS-B and Radar Systems 🛩: Gain insight into vulnerabilities associated with Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) and radar systems.
  7. Regulatory Framework and Compliance 📜: Navigate the complex landscape of aviation regulations, including FAA and ICAO standards, to ensure compliance.
  8. Data Encryption and Protection 🗄: Master the intricacies of encrypting and protecting sensitive aviation data against cyber threats.
  9. Incident Response and Recovery Planning ⚔: Develop comprehensive incident response and recovery plans tailored to aviation cybersecurity incidents.

Created by:

This manual was written by Angelina Tsuboi for the Stellaryx Labs team.

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Aerospace Cybersecurity: Airplanes

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